Boavista is the perfect kitesurfing destination for steady trade winds, awesome wave breaks and to escape from the standard mainstream kitesurfing holidays.

The archipelago consists of 10 different islands. Boavista, like the island of Sal is flat, with a surface of 620 Km2. The Peak of Estância is the highest point of the island measuring around 390 meters. It is covered with white sand dunes, including the Deserto Viana which is continuously being formed by Saharan sand blowing over from mainland Africa.

Oases of date palms are found here and there, forming the typical vegetation of the island. Boavista has 55 Km of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The relatively small Airport in Rabil (BVC) is only a 10-minute drive from the main kitesurfing spots, the city and accommodations. You can easily get here from all major Airports around the World. Flights between the Islands are handled by Binter and TACV.

Here two must watch videos about the Cape Verdian Lifestyle and the Geographics.

The downwind map

This Google Map shows you more information about the downwind track and its locations. We advise you to stay on Boavista during the holding period so you can explore the Island with us. We will also organize the transport of your equipment to Sal once the day for the downwind has been confirmed. To get to Sal you will fly with local airlines TACV or Binter a day before the downwind. The 10-minute flight costs around 30€ and makes the experience even more memorable. Depending on how many participants are on Boavista during the holding period we might also take a boat to Sal the day before the downwind.