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It was out of passion that the Kite Downwind was born and from day one it was a charity event. In the first year we where able to collect 200€ for the local kindergarten, the year after 1000€ and we aim to collect at least 2000€ in 2019.

You can support our initiative by participating at one of our events as a rider or donate from the comfort of your home. From each event we run, the profit will be donated fully to the local kindergarten " un click per un sorriso"

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FEBRUARY 2017  - The first KiteDownwind from Sal to Boavista took place with 14 national and International Riders. We where able to collect 200€ for the Kindergarten. A small amount but a start for more to come.

February 2018  -  The second KiteDownwind from Sal to BoaVista took place with 30 national and International Riders. We where able to collect 1000€ and the Kindergarten got received new chairs, tables and scholastic materials.

October 2018 - Very sucessfully we collected 600€ on Facebook and brought essentials for the kindergarten and the local surfers of BoaVista.

February 2019 -  We aim to collect at least 2000€ in order to upgrade the kitchen and all four playrooms, install whiteboards for the lessons, buy more scholastic equipment and get school uniforms or the children.




The Kindergarten / Preschool

The property is located in the center of the city of Sal Rei (capital of the island of Boavista) and can accommodate up to 80 pre-school children from the age of 9 months to 6 years. The kids receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, they will brush their teeth, rest, play and participate in various creative and educational activities until 5 pm.

Most of the children are from the so-called "barracas" behind Sal Rei. Areas without access to electricity and running water, they live in shacks.

Children come from various parts all over the city, including those next to a number of 5 star hotels on the seaside. Parents mostly work in tourism at a minimum wage of €200 - €300 per month. The kindergarten, being free of charge, gives them the opportunity to offer their children a safe and educational environment while they go to work.


Sonia Stacchezzini

a resident of Boavista, is committed to the management of the kindergarten and fundraising. She handles the volunteer work, continually inspired by great and creative ideas. All profits go towards her organization "un click per un sorriso"

If you come to BoaVista make sure you contact us. We always need scholastic materials from Europe and can use your help.

If you like to have a look at the kindergarten please make an appointment by sending us a quick mail or via WhatsApp at +393533619516



Support our initiative with a donation today

If you participate at one of our events the profit of your participation fee goes automatically towards the kindergarten. If you cant participate you can donate to our cause simply with a credit card.

If you experience any problems please contact us at

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