No stress! That's the Cape Verdean lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a world far from everyday worries.

No stress! That's the Cape Verdean lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a world far from everyday worries.


So, you like to be part of this unique 75km+ adventure traversing the Atlantic Ocean from Sal to Boavista? We are stoked that you have the courage, crossing open ocean using just your kite and board!  Before we proceed, make sure you have read the requirements and the downwind section. By now you should have understood our mission. Its not only to kite from one island to another but to make an impact with our action, to travel with a purpose.  The registration process is fairly easy and once we receive your details we will get right to it, to see you if you can join us on this amazing adventure.

Once we are full, we are full!

We understand that many would like to join, for a better experience though we limit the amount of participants to 25 riders. So, no pressure here but if you are serious about participating, you better hurry up.


The fee is 330€ per person, this covers your participation in the downwind, safety boats, event lycra, safety meeting and drinks+food at the arrival party. If you choose to stay on Boavista during the holding period we will also kite together on the best spots around the island, hang out with the locals, practice some down winders and simply have a great time. But that's not obligatory of course. Your journey to and from Boavista, the transfer from Boavista to Sal and any other expenses are not covered by the participation fee. The equipment transport from Boavista to Sal has to be paid on site and is around 40€ p.p. and will be done either by plane or by boat a day before the downwind. The same goes for your flight to Sal.

What you are likely to spend:

A return flight from Europe 500€ - Apartment for 10 days p.p. 300€ - Flight from BVC to Sal 30€ - Transport of your kite-equipment from BVC to Sal 40€ p.p. - Food and drinks for 10 days 150€ p.p. - participation fee Kite Downwind 330€

Total : 1350€ p.p.


Please use this form only if you are seriously interested in taking part in the Kite Downwind from Sal to Boavista. The event will take place between the 1st - 8th of February 2018.  The fee, if you are selected has to be paid upon selection. You can do that via PayPal, Wire Transfer or on site in Cash. If you need any help before proceeding with the registration you can reach us on WhatsApp at +393454859576 or via e-mail: