Support our fundraiser and help us finance a kindergarten on Boavista for a year.

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Our aim is to raise funds and awareness for a fee-free kindergarten on the island of Boavista.

Between the 01st and 8th of February 2018, 25 national and international kitesurfing athletes will cross 75km+ of open Atlantic Ocean. They will only use a kite and board for this unique adventure.  Everyrider will pay a participation fee of 330€. All remaining proceeds, after costs are covered, will be donated to the kindergarten.

Now is your opportunity to support these children from the comfort of your Home!

We will raise at least $14.000. This covers all costs for the kindergarten for a year.

The property is located in the center of the city of Sal Rei (capital of the island of Boavista) and can accommodate up to 80 pre-school children from the age of 9 months to 6 years. The kids receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, they will brush their teeth, rest, play and participate in various creative and educational activities until 5 pm.

Most of the children are from the so-called "barracas" behind Sal Rei. Areas without access to electricity and running water, they live in shacks.

Children come from various parts all over the city, including those next to a number of 5 star hotels on the seaside. Parents mostly work in tourism at a minimum wage of €200 - €300 per month. The kindergarten, being free of charge, gives them the opportunity to offer their children a safe and educational environment while they go to work.

Your donation today can help us finance the kindergarten for a full year!




a resident of Boavista, is committed to the management of the kindergarten and fundraising. She handles the volunteer work, continually inspired by great and creative ideas. All profits go towards her organization "un click per un sorriso"



resident in Italy and spends his winter breaks on Boavista, is the founder of Kite Downwind and fundraiser He is in charge of organizing the Event and helping Sonia reach the funding goal.